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Success Stories

John Holland

Through our partnership within the North Western Program Alliance, John Holland and Opturion collaborated to work on rail infrastructure initiatives. 


Opturion successfully addressed the challenges faced in building a cohesive team in Metro although the dynamic environment's constantly changing conditions.


Opturion constructed a COVID-19 safe roster to minimise disruptions and implemented fatigue-risk management best practices for UGL's operations.

Monash University

Through the partnership between Monash University and Opturion, an exam schedule has been developed that achieves maximum coverage while adhering to necessary constraints.

AFS Logistic

Opturion and AFS Logistics have integrated their revolutionary Freightlink and movement platforms with DTO to produce optimised run sheets without human intervention.

Allied Express

Opturion provided Allied Express with automated optimisation, including statistical, financial reporting, forecasting, and reporting layers for future purposes.

Austral Bricks

Austral Bricks have employed DTO to develop a detailed schedule outlining the decision-making process's constraints, to enhance production efficiency.

John L Pierce

By utilising DTO as the load optimiser, JLP have effectively increased their payload capacity while minimising the need for human labour, leading to more efficient operations and cost savings.


Opturion's analysis improved the fleet efficiency, routing, and cost of Linfox beyond expectations. The analysis provided valuable insights that addressed inefficiencies, optimised resource utilisation, and minimised wastage.

McCarthy Transport

Through the implementation of DTO, McCarthy Transport have successfully enhanced their transport logistics, resulting in maximised driver utilisation and the elimination of inefficient scheduling.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric have implemented DTO analysis to assess the cost structure of their transportation operation. This helped them gain valuable insights into their logistics expenses and optimise their supply chain management.

Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse enhanced delivery efficiency by implementing Opturion's Dynamic Transport Optimiser (DTO). This reduces the need for 20% fewer vans, cutting working time and costs by 7% and positively impacting future delivery contracts.

Sensys Gatso

Sensys Gatso Group customised Opturion's DTO to optimise the deployment of traffic enforcement resources in Tasmania. As a result, the company achieves efficiency while meeting productivity targets.


Opturion's advanced forecasting and planning system has greatly assisted Origin in effectively managing meter replacements, faults, and repairs. This has been a valuable asset to the company's operations.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Opturion and RFDS consistently collaborated to integrate the booking and dispatch system, enhancing efficiency and customer service while minimising cost and management changes.

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

To improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, Opturion developed a rostering application that considers forecasted demand and staff availability.

Sealed Air

Sealed Air have benefited from Opturion's optimisation software, significantly reducing setup times and maximising labour force utilisation in critical areas of their production process.

Lotus Doors

Opturion and Lotus Doors have joined forces to develop a comprehensive plan that covers all facets of order viability and manufacturing, ensuring streamlined and efficient operations.

Mainstream Aquaculture

To revolutionise the Barramundi market, Mainstream Aquaculture collaborated with Opturion to create a decision-making support system through modelling and design.


In successfully resolving NatSteel's rebar-cutting issue, Opturion considered crucial factors such as setup times, yield, and the option to reuse offcuts, resulting in a streamlined and efficient process.

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