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Opturion's technology is disrupting the optimisation market and is revolutionising the way decisions are made in transport, logistics manufacturing and maintenance. With unique 21st century optimisation technology that utilises artificial intelligence, we make it possible to ensure compliance, reduce cost and improve customer service and productivity.

"A key differentiator of Opturion's technology is its ability to respond, almost immediately, to changing circumstances providing customers with minute-by-minute decision support and automation."

- Alan Dormer, Managing Director

what is opturion?

Opturion is a dynamic optimisation engine, that utilises artificial intelligence, to provide intelligent decision support.

how it works?

Our ability to customise Opturion's technology, to cater to our customer's needs is a characteristic that sets us apart from our competitors.


We deliver customer service, compliance and cost reduction by focusing first on solutions that satisfy customer service and compliance needs, once an optimum solution is found, we pick the solutions that reduce costs.


When customising the technology, we first identify the decision variables that need to be optimised. Next we specify the constraints from past data obtained from the customer and decide on how these constraints affect the decision variables. Through this we are able to collect parameters, select an optimisation objective and set its parameters. Then data feeds are created and a number of scenarios are run, by attaching the data feed to the model with the selected constraints and objective functions. 


There are two versions of the Opturion technology, one version is for end user customers and the other is for our partners. The end user application fits into pre-existing IT architecture, while the partner version is either integrated into their branded product, or is built into an application for their customers. 


In a relatively short period of time, we have disrupted the market and become one of the most prominent names in Optimisation. Our new and emerging technology is fast, reliable and cost effective, allowing us to deliver applications that takes others years to complete, in a matter of months. Unlike other optimisers, Opturion finds a good solution very quickly.

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