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Our Beginnings: The Drive Behind Our Establishment

"Our technology's unique capability to adapt to shifting circumstances with lightning-fast response times sets us apart from our competitors," 

 - Alan Dormer, Group Managing Director


Year Founded


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From G12 Research to Commercial Optimisation Platform

Opturion's journey began in 2012 when we collaborated with Monash University to create the G12 research program. Our first partnership with SmartTrans (now ORCODA) aimed to develop a transport optimisation product. Since then, our expertise has expanded to cater to various organisations' optimisation needs.

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Achieving Success through Our Work Ethic


Many organisations need help determining their true capacity potential due to fluctuations in market demand, despite having access to vast amounts of data and key performance indicators. 

At Opturion, we offer a solution that uses advanced mathematics and machine learning to create a validated digital twin or mathematical model. By analysing performance, our model identifies opportunities for improvement and provides insights on how to make better decisions and operating models for improved compliance and cost savings.



Optimising involves finding the most cost-effective solution by considering various regulations, including legal and contractual obligations, impacting all business operations. This method is beneficial when dealing with complex industry options and fluctuations.

Opturion empowers companies to make crucial decisions such as acquisitions, divestitures, and new contracts. Additionally, we help them anticipate and proactively respond to industry changes.



Although some industries continue to depend on human intervention for handling unexpected scenarios and overcoming the limitations of data input, this approach does not eliminate the drawbacks associated with human involvement, such as inconsistency and high costs. 

At Opturion, we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-world applications to automate road and rail transport planning and operation. This allows humans to transition to the role of supervisors who are responsible for overseeing and optimising the system over time.


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