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One of the more neglected areas in supply chain is forecasting. Yet, done properly, there are many benefits. People and resources, even casual labour and contractors, require notice. And lack of notice often results in extra cost. While the future may be uncertain, it is not entirely unpredictable; seasonal and other factors can be used to create a forecast which, though imperfect, can still be very useful.

AI has a whole range of techniques that can be used, provided that we have historical data on demand and on influencing factors such as seasons, days of the week, or public holidays. And we can use different techniques depending on the range of the forecast. For instance, long term forecasting is heavily influenced by historical data, while short to medium term is also influenced by the previous period.

We have recently been working for some customers in roadside assist where getting the right resources in the right place at the right time is critical for economic service delivery.

With Opturion's technological prowess, we're bringing our clients the best software for supply chain forecasting.



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