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Formbird: Digital Empowerment (now with optimisation!)

Formbird recently partnered with Opturion to develop and implement state-of-the-art solutions for planning and scheduling in two very different industries. Formbird's innovative solution, coupled with Opturion's constraint-based optimisation engine, revolutionised the scheduling and rostering of people and scheduling equipment. The combined platform addressed immediate needs and enhanced planning and scheduling capabilities, showcasing Formbird's commitment to delivering flexible, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions.

The Formbird solution seamlessly integrates with Opturion's optimisation engine, unleashing unparalleled efficiency in scheduling and rostering for people and equipment. This dynamic collaboration provides a versatile and efficient system that caters to the needs of multinational customers, ensuring high documentation standards, real-time monitoring, and compliance functionality.

Without the Formbird solution, the customer would have grappled with massive datasets using traditional Excel spreadsheets. The swift response and adaptability of Formbird's solution became crucial, especially when time constraints were paramount in supporting the rollout of a significant infrastructure project.

Formbird's solution, initially designed to address specific needs, exceeded expectations by offering newfound capabilities. It demonstrated flexibility for the client's business, contributing to the overall ease and efficiency of operations.

The successful delivery not only stands as a testament to Formbird's capability to develop flexible, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions but also underscores the tangible benefits realised by the client in terms of operational efficiency, adaptability, and enhanced workforce and asset management. The innovative integration of Formbird with Opturion optimises planning and scheduling, which offers enhanced operational efficiency, real-time monitoring, and strict compliance functionality. The solution's adaptability, swift responsiveness to client needs, and improved workforce management capabilities further underscore its value in streamlining operations and meeting dynamic business requirements.



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