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Analysing Workforce Roster for Fatigue Risk Prevention in Healthcare

Manually managing work schedules in a hospital is quite a job as it requires finding the right balance between having enough staff and preventing exhaustion. Currently, we are actively examining the rosters for healthcare hospitals, department by department. This analysis plays a role in ensuring the well-being of hospital staff and maintaining high-quality patient care by figuring out the risk of fatigue.

Fatigue among healthcare professionals can lead to reduced job satisfaction, heightened chances of making mistakes and compromised patient safety. Therefore, hospitals must acknowledge and tackle fatigue head-on to uphold the standard of care. Our goal is to examine the roster of each department and pinpoint areas where fatigue might be a concern, which is helpful for the hospital’s management in preventing medical accidents due to fatigue.

The collected information undergoes analysis to detect trends or patterns potentially highlighting fatigue-related concerns. In our analysis, we pinpoint departments’ fatigue, which is helpful for prioritising interventions and allocating resources to address fatigue proactively.

Analysing healthcare rosters is crucial to safeguard the welfare of healthcare providers and uphold the standard of patient care. By recognising and tackling fatigue concerns, the hospital can foster a safer and more nurturing workplace for its employees while enhancing patient outcomes. This endeavour showcases the hospital's dedication to its staff and the community it serves, ultimately elevating the healthcare experience for everyone involved.



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