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Dynamic Transport


The Opturion Dynamic Transport Optimiser (DTO) enables a mixed vehicle fleet (with differing capacities and features) to pick the most efficient routes, reducing waste and meeting higher levels of customer demand.
Opturion's technology compares accurate models with an unmatched ability to respond to changes as they happen. Compared to other dynamic scheduling systems on the market, the dynamic transport optimiser produces results that are 50% closer to any hypothetical ideal schedule that would be designed if all of the changes were known from the start.
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THESE ORGANISATIONS have benefited froM DTO:

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Fleet and driver rosters, are analysed and used to make the decision of which sites to visit on which days/shifts, and which routes to take for each vehicle.

Opturion's DTO is utilised by leading Transport companies in Australia and the UK, making it our most successful product to date. 
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