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Fatigue Safe Rostering

AlertSafe™ is a cloud-based rostering system that forms a vital part of a Fatigue Risk Management System.


Developed in conjunction with the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity, AlertSafe™ models the impacts of shift work on each individual staff member, during the rostering process, and takes into consideration new fatigue management policies.


AlertSafe™ generates rosters that result in maximum alertness, safety and productivity, and have shown a 35% decrease in errors, that can result in bad customer outcomes.

Learn more about how AlertSafe™ can benefit you during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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Opturion has partnered with Fatigue Management & Sleep Solutions

Australia (FMSSA), to provide AlertSafe™ users with expert, scientifically based,

and operationally practical training packages and consulting services to minimise

and manage fatigue-related risk in the workplace and the general community.

Together we provide the following services.


It identifies potential fatigue hot spots in the roster and/or high-risk individuals, so that appropriate control measures can be implemented. 

Fatigue risk assessment

Contains questions that determine whether a team member is a morning or afternoon type. Suggests the best time to sleep between shifts.

Design and management of rosters/hours of work to minimise fatigue risks

Targeted fatigue and risk management policy and plan in line with Alertness CRC guidelines for maximum alertness, safety and productivity.

Targeted fatigue risk management policy and plan

Techniques and tools for maximising alertness and managing fatigue risks while on-shift. Education and tools to optimise available sleep opportunities while off-shift.

Flexible and accessible education and training

Actively monitors the number of hours worked, and dynamically redesigns and optimises rosters as demands, and resources change. 

Monitoring and Evaluation


Practical strategies to increase alertness while on-shift (e.g. powernaps, judicious caffeine use, nutrition, physical activity etc).


Techniques to optimise sleep (e.g. sleeping environment, pre-bedtime routine, ways to switch off the mind, use of screens/blue light exposure).


Individual consultations for those requiring additional sleep or fatigue-related support.


Online confidential messaging, whereby employees can contact FMSSA directly to receive personalised advice.