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Experience maximum alertness, improved safety, and increased productivity.

A cloud-based rostering system that forms a vital part of a Fatigue Risk Management System.

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Streamlining operations with intelligent decision support

Reduces fatigue and improves productivity by identifying potential fatigue hot spots.

Assign tasks at appropriate times to avoid the risk of understaffing, overstaffing, or fatigue-induced errors.

Ensure compliance with safety standards by adhering to safety requirements.

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Maximised alertness, safety, and productivity

Designed for healthcare with fatigue management policies with the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity and Monash University. AlertSafe™ generates optimised rosters resulting in maximum alertness, safety, and productivity, with a 35% decrease in errors.

Mitigating Fatigue Risks

We offer a fast, reliable, cost-effective suite of technologies and consulting services to help organisations mitigate and manage fatigue risks. By gaining powerful insights into the competency level of each employee during shift work and working closely with our customers to integrate their rules, we prioritise smooth and efficient operations to ensure a seamless experience.

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Achieving Long-Term Benefits through Sustainable Productivity

No matter what your present circumstances may be, we can enhance the efficiency and longevity of your processes by customising them to your specific needs and position.

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