Time management is a vital instrument in Opturion's technology and allows us to add rostering and timetable management to our product portfolio.


The Opturion timetable management system guarantees an error-free timetable and maximises productivity by optimally allocating tasks, events, and people to locations and time slots. Our rostering optimisation software ensures optimal use of the workforce and results in a safer, fatigue-free environment with increased productivity. 


In partnership with the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity, Opturion has created sophisticated algorithms that model the impacts of shift work on individual staff, resulting in maximum alertness, safety and productivity.  AlertSafe™   is a unique web based tool that supports manual and automatic roster building, taking into account the latest research on alertness and fatigue. Its rosters have shown a decrease in errors and an increase in overall productivity. 

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Case studies


Opturion created a rostering system for Monash Universities casual exam invigilator workforce. The goal of the system was to generate a roster which maximised coverage of exams whilst satisfying certain constraints.

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