Case studies

Our aim with Barramundi Mainstream was to model their production process and design a managing tool that could be used to provide support and decision making in many aspects of their production management.

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Opturion through its contractor Mondo, to provide a forecasting and  planning system to manage meter faults, replacements, and repairs. The project commenced in September 2018 and  went live in December.

Opturion engaged Sealed Air to reduce production scheduling on the manufacture of Cryovac shrink bags. As a part of this, they improved their printing, conversion and labour force optimisers, so that it could work together seamlessly.


Opturion created a rostering system for Monash Universities casual exam invigilator workforce. The goal of the system was to generate a roster which maximised coverage of exams whilst satisfying certain constraints.

Opturion was tasked with developing an integratable software  (Opturion is run on the cloud) that provided additional decision support capabilities to increase the efficiency of the existing booking system instead of replacing it. 

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Toll and Opturion worked together to reduce load in Nike's warehouse and thereby increased effective capacity. The existing system was tested and identified 5% of orders that could be bypassed, thus reducing load by 5%.


Opturion solved the problem of cutting rebars in a shearline in the optimal way, considering setup times, yield, and re-use of offcut for NatSteel in Malaysia

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In order to reduce delivery cost, Schneider Electric engaged Opturion to create an optimised transport plan. The application is now being used by Startrack.

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