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Opturion provides a range of services that enhance the value of its optimisation and analytical technologies.

Business Case

Many projects start with a proof-of-concept model and optimiser using customer data. That enables comparison with historical data. Not only does this validate the model and instil confidence, but it also provides a reasonable estimate of potential benefits. For small or straightforward applications, we do this as part of the sales exercise; for more complex applications, there is a modest, fixed cost.

Project Implementation

From requirements specification to commissioning and support, Opturion has experienced professionals and project managers that ensure project success and payback. The team's focus is customer success, howsoever defined in the contract, and we pride ourselves on achieving the objectives in the business case. As well as implementation, we are happy to assist our partners and customers with specialist optimisation and analytics expertise, leaving them to provide more general software engineering and project management.


Daily optimisation may not be the best solution for every customer; for example, frequent or short-term change may not be possible. However, in the medium term, things change; costs, demands, and equipment performance don't stay the same. In this case, there are potential benefits of benchmarking the current operation against other operating models and then making changes as required. An excellent example is determining service areas (of transport drivers or distribution centres). It may be desirable to fix these to simplify management and administration, but as demand patterns and volumes change, a different allocation may be more efficient.

strategic Optimisation

From time to time, organisations face significant decisions that, once taken, cannot be easily reversed. These include acquiring property and resources and entering into new contracts. Due to the size and duration, there is a solid case to analyse and optimise, using all the available information. 

For example, we can optimise the location of a new distribution centre using one or more years' worth of historical or forecast data, or both with optimised routes and schedules daily. We can also restrict locations to industrial zones and available sites. This approach is much more accurate than a simple centre-of-gravity calculation that often suggests a DC in the city centre or, even worse, the harbour! 


Bid or contract optimisation is also sophisticated and can include fleet selection and sizing, services areas and roster operation. This exercise gives the customer the confidence to bid or contract, knowing an accurate bottom-line cost.

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