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Opturion makes it possible to create optimal production schedules that rapidly reschedule when conditions change.
This unique capability enables manufacturers to deal with changes, delays, and urgent new orders without destroying their cost-effectiveness, and 

THESE ORGANISATIONS have benefited from our ProductION Scheduling:

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Case studies

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Our aim with Barramundi Mainstream was to model their production process and design a managing tool that could be used to provide support and decision making in many aspects of their production management.

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Opturion solved the problem of cutting rebars in a shearline in the optimal way, considering setup times, yield, and re-use of offcut for NatSteel in Malaysia.


Opturion engaged Sealed Air to reduce production scheduling on the manufacture of Cryovac shrink bags. As a part of this, they improved their printing, conversion and labour force optimisers, so that it could work together seamlessly.