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Opturion has been thriving in Australia, and our community of Optimisation Professionals has grown, which is why we decided to create a space where individuals who are interested in Optimisation or use Optimisation in their daily businesses, can meet and discuss all things Optimisation. 

Members of the Opturion Optimisation Community have access to our tri-monthly Optimisation Community Meetups, where they will hear success stories, learn more about optimisation, and be introduced to new features and the latest product information.

Opturion Optimisation Community Meetup

New to the Opturion Optimisation Community? Here's your chance to catch up.

This time around, we hear from EFM Logistics' Andrew Swain about how Opturion's Strategic Bid Optimisation benefited his organisation. Then, a closer look into 'DTO re-planning' with our Principal Software Architect - Julien Fischer. Plus, a special preview of something we've had cooking up.